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Monarchy Mayhem
Under the govern of their King, Theodore encourages everyone to come laugh and enjoy a drink at the tavern with him. Whether you are from a noble house or just a mere peasant. Everyone is welcome.
Monarchy Mayhem
The Legend of Nathrynn
Where fun and fantasy are everywhere and the chance to make new friends are endless!

The Legend of Nathrynn
Kenaria RPG
Akasha was exploring realms one day and fell into Kenaria by way of a portal. She surveyed the land, liked what she saw and claimed it as her Kingdom. Travel is by way of unstable portals which some have mastered but others haven't. The instability causes timeline shifts that range from medieval to modern and beyond.

Join this realm and forge your destiny, make your mark on the kKingdom7, and decide what role you will play in the
Kingdom of Kenaria.
Kenaria RPG
Forbidding Realm RPG
The Forbidden Realm is a land where fantasy and the modern age merge to create a world both splendid and unique. Home to a wide variety of creatures ranging from mortal humans to mythic beasts, and every kind of fae and monster imaginable. It is a land both mysterious and dangerous, weapons often used for self defense can range from swords and spells, to guns, but choose your weapons carefully for not every weapon is effective against every creature. In this realm you could find friends, but be careful of who you cross as there are enemies lurking around every corner.
Forbidding Realm RPG
Quote:   Angel says, "Ah. Premature enterjulation. The cure? An edit button."

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