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Staff List

Reigning Members

SymbolNameSex Description Online
Hollow Inside; Angel Female Founder of Edessa & Aezeotis Yes
too Cute to Spook; Iridesa Female Founder of Rainbow Palace No
Kaitlin Female Member of Angel's Council No

People in Power

NameSex Description Online
Painting Realities; ArreTsutneV Male Founder of Sutnev Cluster No
Amadeus Belmont Male Founder of Elysium No
Kumano Male Founder of Leviathys No
Naphena Female Reigning Power in Kemsley No

RPGLink Staff Coders

NameSex Description Online
Kuratoro HunterD Male 31337 Coder No
Green Thumb JollyGG Male Founder of the Valley No

represents the star of the show.
represents Angel's right hand.
Admin represents an admin.
represents a coder.
represents a coder.

Quote:   Angel says, "Ah. Premature enterjulation. The cure? An edit button."

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Hollow Inside; Angel

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Oceandust; Arryn

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