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Valentines Day
Angel2021-02-12 05:03:08

Valentines Day Event

Want a quick and easy way to earn some DP's?
Just unscramble the select words and complete the quote.
When you've figured it out, just send it to Angel.
Don't give away the answers. Let's make it fair to everyone.

In the ocioke of file, edsrfni are the eocahctol cpihs.

If you successfully complete the quote, you'll be rewarded 100 DP's.
Contest runs February 12 - 15th.

News for Thu, Apr 22, 2021
Nocturnal honeybear defeated a hoard of spiders in the Cave.
Nocturnal honeybear killed an old gypsy woman that just wanted to play cards.
Nocturnal honeybear has escaped the Grue and made out like a bandit!
Quote:   Angel says, "Ah. Premature enterjulation. The cure? An edit button."

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